Software Architecture and Development

Our services encompass the entire software development life cycle: Analysis and Design, Validation and Construction, Testing and Refinement and finally Deployment and Maintenance

The Software Life Cycle

Analysis and Design

First is the Analysis and Design phase. This phase determines whether development of new software is required and would provide benefit to your organisation. If so, then the features of the software application are determined and the full development project is started.

Validation and Construction

Next is the Validation and Construction phase. In this phase we determine whether we can actually achieve the desired outcome. This phase also covers the construction of the software application.

Testing and Refinement

Testing is performed on the final product. This ensures that the software meets all of the initial requirements and is satisfactory to the users. Refinements to the software are also made to ensure it can be easily used and understood.

Deployment and Maintenance

Finally, the software can be deployed to the users, whether this is to individual user computers or to the web. At this point, the software enters the maintenance phase, and the Software Life Cycle starts again for new feature requestes and enhancements.


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